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Планетарные создаваемые человеком системы питающиеся Солнцем.

Пример использования солнцетроники в античности - Архимет сжегший флот римлян используя солнечные лучи.

Европейская история это путь минютиаризации. Минютиаризация технологии сопровождается расширением ее воздействия. Современные фото-кристаллические системы могут, а в будущем трехмерные био-полимерные трехмерные фото-био-интеллектуальные облака будут играть климатообразующую, цивизацио-формирующию роль.

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Во первых следует учитывать качество, био-интеллектуальный потенциал солнечной энергии См. "Теория небесных влияний"


  • Эйнштейна, после того как загасили в физике эфир, бросили на фото-эфеект.
  • chemtrail (тема непонятных искусственных облаков)
  • темы Джона Фаррелла


DARPA.DSO.Low-Cost, Lightweight Portable Photovoltaics (PoP)
Individual warfighters would benefit greatly from a versatile and durable powerful energy source that can recharge electronic devices in the field without the bulk, noise, and hazards of generators or other traditional technologies. PoP program will develop photovoltaic modules with at least 20-percent power conversion efficiency in packages that meet DoD’s needs for ruggedness and portability. To facilitate widespread adoption, these devices must be manufactured using methods that can be scaled up to 100,000 square meters per year and cost no more than $200 per square meter to make. For maximum utility, modules must have a mass no greater than 800 grams per square meter, flex to a three-centimeter radius of curvature, and be able to withstand punctures, prolonged exposure to light, temperature extremes, abrasions and other challenges inherent in demanding military missions. Lnk

DARPA.DSO.Information in a Photon (InPho)
InPho program aims to pursue the basic science and the associated unifying physical and mathematical principles that govern the information capacity of optical photons, exploiting all relevant physical degrees of freedom. Important outcomes of the InPho program include rigorous quantification of photon information content for communications and imaging applications, novel methods to maximize the scene information extracted from received photons in next-generation sensing platforms, and novel methods to maximize the information content of transmitted and received photons in next-generation communication systems.Lnk

DARPA.DSO.Optical Lattice Emulator (OLE)
OLE program seeks to devise a means to understand and explore the fully quantum mechanical treatment of materials. OLE will construct an emulator, an artificial material whose behavior is governed by the same underlying mathematical description as the material of interest. The emulator will be built with ultra cold bosonic and fermionic atoms held in an appropriate geometry by an optical lattice formed by laser beams. Controlling the states of the atoms and the optical lattice will enable careful measurement of the properties of this artificial material, helping to provide an understanding of the properties of a material system of interest. Repetitive control and measurement will enable construction of phase diagrams that relay the behavior of the bulk material under specific conditions. Such a tool should enable profound changes in fundamental understanding of advanced materials such as high-temperature superconductors. In addition, the tool developed by this program will permit design and investigation of novel material systems. Lnk -> Quantum-Assisted Sensing and Readout QuASAR, Physical Intelligence program, ...

ЗЫ Last, but not least russian cosmism...

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