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Look at the picture above. A nice Aryan girl of the radical kind, you would say. And I´d say you are right. But there is a give-away there that makes this little valkyria the subject of a debate. Nooo, it is not her tattoo (provocative placing as it might be), and it is certainly not the says-it-all scarf she so proudly flaunts along with her other bits and pieces. Actually, to the all-seeing eye of the travelling observer, it is... the curtains! Those white see-through curtains you´ll find (when you bother to go there) that you´ll find in every eastern European home. So this is, in other words, an East European lady. Bulgarian to be exact.

Now, you will see that those goddamn curtains suddenly, for some of "us" have changed the statement quite considerably. Radical, these people would have to admit, nice they´ll probably go along with too, although perhaps more secretly. But "Aryan", well, that´ s suddenly up to debate when those white curtains were withdrawn.

There are three sides in the infected debate over whether our Slavic brothers and sisters (oops, now you know where I stand) are Aryans or not. It is the right side, the wrong side and the idiot side. I shall work myself backwards through them all.

What I rather aggressively call the idiot side, is the left-overs of failed racial arrogance and old prejudice from the times of the European civil-wars. Sure, in a refined way, these attitudes pop up on the wrong side, too. But as we shall see, these non-idiotic but still very mistaken folks, at least try to put forward some sorts of arguments for their case against half of Europe´s population. The morons, however, do not really care about White survival. At best they care about their own people at the expences of everybody else. At worst they try to raise their own miserable self-esteem by putting down their eastern racial cousins. But if their so-called views are put to the test, then the hypocricy of their blatant attitudes are revealed by their own behind-the-scenes actions. There are plenty of examples of this, even among some of our self-styled role-models. (So don´t believe every WP lyric you hear...some of them may sound Germanic but it may be that they are actually distributed by those despised Slavs who obviously are good enough for some pretty pictures and a helping hand in the borderland of lawlessness. Cryptic? Those who know who they are know what I am saying...)

I will not dwell more on the moronic side of things. Reality will catch up with them and those red-shot blue eyes may turn black one day when slivowica becomes the pub favourite.

The wrong side of things? Here we must deal with ideas rather than facts, and misunderstood rather than genuine ideology. The wrong-ones use National Socialist leaders and statements to back up their anti-Slav campaigns. Now, I think most of those who fall into the category of "Nazis" admit that mistakes were made, injustices happened and a war was lost. Some of us also tend to think that there might be a connection between those three facts. The NS policy in the East came out bad. But it was not necessarily bad to begin with. Influential people like Alfred Rosenberg - despite what outsiders may believe - was in fact a friend of the Slavic peoples. It is true that SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler was not. But reality has a way of opening eyes, and it was none other than the racial purist Himmler who opened up for a totally new approach to the Russian National Socialist movement and the improved relationship between the Third Reich and the anti-Stalinist Russian alliance. The negative arguments and actions against the Slavs were mostly determined by the non-political Wehrmacht. The biggest friend the Czechs had, Reinhard Heydrich, was murdered by the Allies and local commie Czechs exactly for that reason. And as for Hitler himself, he had close and staunch allies in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and (yes, there too) Serbia. The Polish problem was that of age-old national disputes and tribal animosity. Till the Polish patriotic leader marshall Pilsudski´s untimely death, there were quite good relations between the two states (Germany had in fact helped the Poles create their nation after WW1 and Hermann Göring attended Pilsudski´s funeral).

And if you want more updated references, let me remind all of you that Ian Stuart supported, in his songs as well as through Blood & Honour, both patriotic Germans and anti-Communist activists in Eastern Europe.

"Racial" arguments about skull sizes, personal and totally subjective "analysis" of varying "characteristics", endless presentations of folk wanderings back and forth in Europe and so forth, I shall leave uncommented. They are in all camps and can be turned and twisted into whatever. Some of the "Aryans" by nationhood rather than appearance, should do well to leave that stuff alone. Or both nations and individuals soon start to drop out of the Aryan list. Just because Mussolini does not live anymore, does not mean we shall give up on the Italics. The Hispanic matador may be far from the "Aryan ideals" of the purist´s wet dream, and the hair of an Irish lass might well be darker than that of a Ukrainian farm girl. You get my drift?


This brings me to my personal favourite, the right side. Naturally, you´ll find all our Slav comrades there, if not always for the right reasons. Chauvinistic ramblings do actually come in the Slavic languages too! But for quite obvious reasons the Slavs don´t question the Aryan traits of their western cousins - at least not those of Germanic creed. As for those who have no axe to grind, the western nationalists who accept their eastern co-fighters as not only racial cousins but ideological brothers- and sisters-in-arms, they understand that Whites are already the most threatened breed on earth. Trying to diminish our numbers by further separation and ethnic in-fighting is suicidal. We may have our different ways, even our petty conflicts (yes, faced with extinction border quarrels some how seem a bit surreal...). By all means, let us keep those different ethnic traits as symbols of a rich Aryan civilization. And I do not believe that Irish and English can be made to love each other just like that (though the inter-ethnic mixture has actually been going on on a breeding level for centuries), or that Germans and Poles will pack up their troubled history and be strolling together like best of pals in the Silesian forests. And we shall certainly not ignore the magnitude of the Mongol presence in Mother Russia´s womb (an invasion I am sure the real Russians will handle more efficiently than the Yankees will when it comes to the "Afro-American" tide of colour back in Bush country). But what are these obstacles compared to the mighty challenge of saving our White race?

United we stand, divided we fall. If we don´t hang together, we shall hang separately. Phrases, I know. But phrases become phrases just because they are repeated so often. And they are repeatedly phrased because they are true! If you value your own people more than your race, it is understandable. But if you sacrifice your race for your own nation, you are, however, nothing but a flag-waving fool, patriotic may be, but still useless in our struggle and no-good for our race.

"No more brother wars" is also a phrase. But let us hope it is not an empty one. Skin is not the colour of our uniform. There are traitors among the pale faced worse than our obvious and colourful enemies. But these enemies are all for real. Let us not create new ones out of genuine allies bonded by both blood and ideals. If we do, then we are our own worst enemy.