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Minor Life of Stuart Calvin Zaburzko

Маленькая жизнь Стюарта Кельвина Забужко
Constantine Krylov
Михаил Юрьевич Харитонов

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26 ноября 2018
Илья Сергеевич Казначеев
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Это любительский перевод Ilyak (обсуждение) текста Константина Крылова «Маленькая жизнь Стюарта Кельвина Забужко». Автор был ознакомлен с этим переводом и не возражал протв его распространения.


My name is Stuart Calvin Zaburzko. My age is nine years.

This is my real name and my real age. My story is real authentic story. Truthfulness of all facts is confirmed by Real Security Alliance company. Certificate is attached to this file.

Due to this I have right to upload this text to “Authentic stories around the globe” web site and offer to your attention with commercial money interest.

Agent from “Authentic stories” offered to rewrite it all as literature, so it would be more mature and could be read as good literature story. But I found out in time that such rework, other than costing money, also decreases authenticity from A– to B+, and that is not suitable to my plans. Because readers from this site come here for real stories from life. So I will be writing as I can.

I also need to acknowledge language barrier. I speak your Just language well, but in my native South Polski language I still do better. Our language progresses rapidly, so there is fast change and there come many Just words. We are unfortunately still very backwards state. So I usually write in South Polski. Translation to Justice was done by Ultral LinguoDemi 8.3 program. I was told this is very best program for free translation from my native language to Justice. Unfortunately, currently I do not have enough money for human translation service.

Guidebook to writing stories on this site recommends telling facts about place where you live, and people of environment, then offer some interesting stories, and then slowly approach to yourself and your problems. I will be trying to follow this advice.

Sorry if there are any errors. Thank you for understanding.

So, now I became nine years and I am small citizen of my country. I live in Western Ukraine. It is state near of Poland and Slovakia, but south. We are Just European state, accepted into Europe Major in Polish military cultural area of influence.

If you are curious about my birth land, you can find Western Ukraine on any large world map. I am proud of my small but glorious Homeland. I am especially proud that it has such good word as West in its name.

Proud to tell you that I have all civil rights short of right to be elected, which is given from ten years old. Our country shows progress in inclusion of all citizens to Market life regardless of their age, gender or any other unjust limitations.

I live in main city of our Country, Lwiw. In past, ruskies called it Lvov, and that insulting name is still on some maps and in books. Please, if you see that name, remember that our city is in fact called Lwiw and it hosts largest Justice military base in our region!

Our city is very pretty. Most pretty, of course, is Soros Building and Justice military base. To build them, construction materials were brought from Justice itself! When I was little, I went to my father to Soros Building, to touch piece of Justice. Walls are very flat and smooth like glass. Our buildings are worse, since they are built from inferior materials. But we are still try developing high quality of life.

But most pretty is military base of course. When I went to its landfill, I always admired its power and greatness. It would be so desirable to visit it inside, or even look how it is organized. For that I would enlist in soldiers or even in personnel. It is sorry that our population is not developed enough to be enlisted in global Justice Forces. Saying goes, soon we will be accepted too, and then I may consider this.

We also have historic buildings. For example, pretty monument to von Sacher–Masoch. He is famous man who invented masochism for whole world. In Justice there are many admirers for this life style. Please do not miss that its inventor, von Sacher–Masoch, lived in our little city, which contributed to global culture because of that!

Very pretty monument, on which von Sacher–Masoch is whipped by woman in furs. Also this image is trade mark of our corporation UkroNude, where I work.

Now I am telling about myself.

Unfortunately my life is not rich with big events, but still it had hardship and challenges. Maybe someone will be curious how I overcame these challenges aspiring to goals.

Will have to start from my very birth or earlier. When Justice freed us from ruskies, I was not around yet. But my father was tested to see if he does not have ruskie blood so he can live in democratic community. So I was checked too, and it turned out, I do not have ruskie blood at all. Therefore I am real small Ukrainian! And you can safely communicate and bond with me, without facing mental dangers or loathing, which happens with ruskies.

I was planned as single child in our family. My parents belong to Middle Class, even if they have to work much. But I am happy that they are very progressive minded, I think. If I grow and everything stays right, I will also be progressive and necessarily enlist to Middle Class.

Mother bore me when Justice already invented Demography Initiative and spread it to whole world for human development needs. Father decided that out family will be participating in it willfully. Mother was at first against it, but my father is most progressive man, because he works at Soros Fund. And he decided, so that mother went to Family Planning Center and did all required injections. In fact injections were for me, through my mother. Those special very tiny devices, they are called micropods, and sent into blood of mother, and then swim near fetus and do various gene modifications on it. It is tested and used in Justice itself, so my father was entirely confident for my health.

Yet before, mother and father signed agreement with me. I was three weeks then and I could not sign any papers or even read them I was unable. Because I did not have even eyes, and no developed brain to understand legalese. So my side was represented by insurance company Mitton Servo. Company argued with parents for price that I will need to pay them when I grow up. And if I can not, they will pay to my mother and father contingency. This is very Market approach. If they negotiate too large price, then all children will not be paying to their parents in full, and company would lose money and be destroyed. Too small, it will also lose money, because it would not be making good profit. So it is all well organized, and of course Market proven. So they have very good specialists, who know their business.

So I was born, and story of my life begins from this moment.

I was normal healthy boy almost at three kilogram and pretty large. Mother very worried about this, that it would be large scar. But Just doctors from Military Hospital did their work just wonderful! My mother to this time has pretty flat belly, and only one small tiny scar. It is invisible at all if you do not stare too strong. It could be removed from skin at all by doing skin regeneration, but we are now having problems with money resources. Such complex procedure can be only done in Justice, but we can not afford there yet. But we will surely some day gather money and fly there! I dream of this every night before sleep. As we together with father and mother go, all happy. And we sit into huge plane and fly and fly very far! And I also want to see Atlantic ocean, and great cities of Justice – Washington D.C., New York City, Chicago, London, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and all remaining. And, of course, get to know all people who live there!

When I was little, I was sure that people who live there are made from gold, they have golden hands and heads, even eyes from gold. Then father explained to me that Golden Billion is just an expression, but in fact they are not from gold, they just eat healthy, take vitamins and go to tanning. And because of that their glowing golden skin.

I also wanted to have golden skin, but we do not have money for tanning. Let me tell that one girl from class wanted tanning, but her parents did not have means for tanning either, and she secretly tanned on roof of building, to have golden skin and boast that she laid under Tanning lamp. But we detected her and told all to school counselor. Then during Democracy lesson counselor told us that lying is awful, and girl was shamed, because she tried to cheat everybody. With such girls we will not build Justice for ourself, that is what she said.

Really she is of course good girl, named Mary, just not one of affluent. Because she was born wrong.

I forgot to mention this subject. If you live in Justice or in Just country, maybe you do not know about some of our problems. Our country, unfortunately, long in history was tormented by damned ruskies, which in Justice you call red or commy. Ruskies tormented us and did not let into Justice to develop in freedom. This is sad fact of our history and it slows down our development. If Justice did not save us from ruskies, we would be staying wild and smelly and we would not have cars and computers and other Just things. We will only have primitive horrors.

But because of ruskies we still sometimes have some things. Like, such that some children still born wrong way. Not by caesarean section of belly, but like animals. This way of birth is enacted by ruskies and taught to us. This was made so to make Ukrainian people stupid. Because if children born by mother as animal, then their head and body passes animal duct during labor, and mothers body and walls of duct push on their head and damage brain. And children become stupid and agreeing for ruskies. We were explained all that in school. And shown footage of “labor”. Very scary footage. Girls cried but I did not cry because mother gave me candy against crying. I would like to give this candy to girls. But it only affects me because I am Modified.

But so it happens, that children born as animals. In Justice this method is banned of course long time ago. But us in Western Ukraine banned it very recently and before now there are many violations. This is what I do not understand: it is dirty and painful, but they do it. Very painful and scary, but they still do, just to save money or make more children not clear why?

Of course such children, born as animals, are raised and taught separately, because they bear risk and danger. There may be violations or something worse. But we regard them humanely and almost do not taunt. Once only, boy Mike Naumenko taunted one such boy from special form,calling him dirty thing, since he crawled out of dirty women part. And it was, as you can see, in fact true! But that guy jumped on Mike like crazy, we barely pulled him apart. And he also cried. However in fact he hit Mike more that he did him, and should not be crying. Looks like his brain is really damaged. I hope he never get any human rights, to not be able to hurt Justice.

But Mary is still allowed studying in regular form together with us, because she is very developed and smart. Also her mother after her birth did sterilization and this is very progressive and was taken into account. Of course all of us disregard Mary for wrong upbringing, and sometimes taunt that she crawled out of dirty women part. But she never shows insulted by that. However I once saw: she cried, when she thought no one is seeing. I told to school counselor and on Democracy lesson we did psychology training on her – called her pet and smelly and observed her reaction. But she survived all and we pardoned her.

But when one silly boy called her ruskie, she sued him in our school court and seized his breakfasts for one term. Teachers now show Mary as example of civil minded.

I also skipped one important subject. Another big problem of our country is that so many children still there with ruskie blood. Ruskies are banned from reproducing, but they find various ways, by exploiting that they look like real people. There even existed idea to bring to us in Ukraine genes of dark skinned people, so that they bring us to Justice and clear from ruskie genes, because dark skinned genes are dominant, and ruskie genes are not. And President of our country Julia Tymoszenko already signed contract with Republic of Guinea. But Ukraine could not pay Guinea for export of their good black sperm. Father told me this story all as it were, and about sperm also told me plainly. Because I am big and must know about politics and other such things. And then said that guineans demanded wrong price for their cum. I giggled because of my lessons, and responded that any price is right because price is determined by Market, and Market is smarter than anyone around whole world! But father also giggles, and pats my hair. And told that they teach me right, but in life there are various complications that I will understand later.

That I like very much, when father pats my hair. And also desire to live to, so that I become grown up, and understand all when I grow. And fly to Justice on pretty large plane.

But I stray from my life story again. In total, I was surrounded by love and care, since I was eager and loyal child. And if I refused to obey, mother would give me very best and tasty candy, and I will obey right away. Father told me later that candy contains substance that my modified organism takes as chemical order, and I would calm down right away and stop thinking bad thoughts.

Unfortunately, I am no longer given this candy, without it I become restless and start thinking.

There are also such candies that I need to eat every day. Before, when I was guilty of something or lazy and did not please mother and father with my achievements, then mother would sigh and tell me – you know, Stu, you were lazy today and did not have success. You will not get evening candy for good sleep. And today good Sandman will not come to visit with magic sand, instead an evil ruskie will come with his black dirt, and you will be seeing various bad dreams.

I would cry scared at first and beg mother to give me candy. Because when I do not eat such candy, I will indeed dream something very scary and tearful. But mother would say this punishment is good for me, else I will not be industrious. And that men tears do not look good. And I endured. Just in night I would howl loudly of terror.

Then of course I understood how it works good for me. Other children in class were not Modified, they were lazy, naughty and bully, because they did not have such candies for behavior. Mothers and fathers were sometimes even hitting them on various parts, but everyone is quiet about this. Because we are European country and aspire to Justice, and we also have laws about violent touching of children by parents. Because of that someone could have big problems. And I have seen how Mary old father will strike on her behind! And Mary quietly endured this.

Really, to be true, Mary has cool father. He is just very old and many modern things would not understand. His surname: Klimenko. Now such name like his or mine are few between young Ukrainians, because we are developing into Justice. You see that he could change surname to Kliemann or Climenkou. But father of Mary is old. He says he is already accustomed with it, now he is not for remake. However he is very commended. They say he has many medals on his tunic. I never saw it, because he does not put tunic on. But he surely has them.

Mary also boasted that her father commanded Joint Punisher Squad and himself burned by flamethrower five hundred ruskies on Independence Maidan in Kyiw. When were executed all kyiwan ruskies.

Currently, course, such things are not being praised, because we are Just country. But, on other side, it is part of out history that we must respect. Also how else would we dispose of wild ruskies, if in single Kyiw there were so many? Sure burning is also bad, even of ruskies – it is enough to hang or drown for example. But then ruskies would not fear so much, and could resist to hurt us.

But Justice as ten years passed after that time persecuted our country for extra violence. And our old President Juszczenko was even judged in The Hague, but I do not know about result. It cost our state large fine towards development of progress on Earth.

I see this as reasonable policy. Because it is forbidden to be like wild things and ruskies, but behave correct from start. Of course it is not easy. But we slowly become Just and democratic, thanks to help from Justice and Golden People.

I told about Kyiw. Kyiw was such city in Eastern Ukraine. At that place now impossible to live. Something happened there, not sure what exactly. Looks like in kyiwan main military base of Justice some special bomb exploded. Or it was blasted by ruskies. In total I do now know. Nobody knows nothing for sure. Father of Mary told her that it is for good, because in Kyiw anyway were lot of ruskies, and also bastards with ruskie blood. They roamed streets freely and forced out people do wild things. So now when Kyiw is gone, we have become more near to Justice and Europe.

I am struggling to tell you all about me. I also need to mention Birthday with cake – or everything else will be unclear.

On Birthday I am always given cake. Cake must be eaten to last slice. I did not know why before. But when I was seven years, on Birthday I ate too many cookies and could not finish cake. And then father got serious and told me it is very necessary to eat cake. From five years old it is sent directly from Mitton Servo. It has special substance inside. And if I do not eat this cake I will die within month. My body is programmed like that. This is needed for such case if I grow up bad and do not want to earn money to pay off parents, and try to run to some wild lands.

I was very upset then – that father does not trust me and thinks, I will run from him somewhere and not pay. And he calmed me and explained that he did not want this, but insurance company. He knows me better than anyone in whole world and never thinks that I will run off and not pay him money for upbringing. But insurance company never seen me, and it is very suspicious, because everyone wants to rip it off. So they thought out this cake thing, and Family Planning Center also supports it, cause it gives more order to human lives. And that Golden People also do that, because Justice spread Democracy Initiative all around globally. And even if real Just people from Golden Billion do that, why we should have it different? After all we are future hope of Ukraine and must be Just.

I asked why children grow and not pay to parents. Parents who loved them and cared about them, and any care should be paid for, if we do not want to be wild. Father become serious and told me everything. That not all children are as good as myself. Some are very greedy or untalented, or even with hidden ruskie blood mix. And can not work more, to pay for parents. In this case parents do different things. Some even sold children for slavery and various other awful uses. Even sold for organ harvesting and something other. This all did discourage people from Demography Initiative. However modified children of my type are useless for sale, because if they would not be getting all these candies and especially cake, they would not last long and perish. And not bring any profit. And this is correct policy, because it decreased numbers of many awful crimes concerning modified people. And you need to struggle some inconvenience to learn Justice norms.

It was still pity that I had to vomit those tasty cookies.

Have to admit serious inconvenience with food. For example, I can not eat school food, because it is not made in Justice, but of our local product. And my body is only tuned for Genetically modified food produced in Justice, and I can only eat it. It is very smart policy. When all people will be Modified, then Justice will maintain order around world using food! Because Genetically modified food is only made in Justice, so if there will be any disorder, Justice will just not give food to troublemakers and they will come to their mind.

But not all people are Modified yet, so I have difficulties, that others have not.

Luckily everybody pities for me. Even at school. I am only one Modified child in school and it is pride. It was so, if I was hungry and in school buffet there will be no Just food, then whole school will be gathering food for me to avoid disrupting my health. I want you to note: it was done for me for free or very cheap! It was very selfless for people to help me like that, since they are not owing me anything. Very unfortunately that have ceased, when I started working as victim, which I will also describe later.

In my life I have got much help. Mainly, more than anyone do my awesome parents. I am most grateful, course, to mother. First of all she bore me, providing by that invaluable help. Second, she worked on my upbringing. And when I passed competition into UkroNude and was accepted for work, mother made gift for me: improved color vision. Modified children usually have very good sight, but those cones in eye need extra stimulation. First time when I got good color vision was at six years, when father won money on Stocks. Then he spent on me. I ate candy and next day started seeing various color shades. I was very happy, ran to mother and told her – mother, you have blue eyes! She laughed and kissed me. And then without me she told father – why did you do this, our son does not need that. I know, because I eavesdropped. However for work herself she bought me awesome color distinction, so now I can see thirty shades of pink.

I want to note that it was gift, meaning that I do not owe my parents anything for my good eyes.

It is good when you are loved for nothing or for little money. Turns out it is very useful trait of our people, thanks to which we survived under ruskies.

Now I will tell about my work.

I started to be productive first at five years old, when wrote my first computer program and it worked. It was very joyful for me. For some time I coded programs. Then my genetically determined drawing and music skills revealed, but at that moment Justice banned it all to be exported from outsider countries like ours. Mother blamed father for long that they spent extra money ordering those useless talents.

Happily she was wrong, because after some time it all became useful. When 3D porno became fashionable again in Justice.

Porno if you do not know is such computer movies, which you watch while fixing VR helmet to your head and slapping various wires on your body. Then it feels like you are in some space where music plays. bodies move. So I am using computer to write this music and draw bodies.

Porno movies are drawn mostly about sex. Some people watch them to avoid wasting time and work more, getting satisfaction at workplace directly. I think this is great idea.

Also want to say, personally I have no interest in porno, because my sexual capabilities are lacking. It is not because I am minor, but because they are disabled by insurance corporation at birth. When I become adult, I will buy them back from company. So I will pay Mitton Servo insurance corporation, and they will send me special candy. Or, likely, pill – as for adult. I will eat it and I will want sex. Meaning, I would be able to experience sexual desire towards woman.

Then I think I will try to woo Mary. She will be of course grown up already. But maybe she will remember school years of study together and will not demand too many money for that.

And I hope, even if she does not want to friend with me now, maybe she will reconsider yet.

By my calculations, approximately at 30 years I will earn enough to buy such candy to turn on sexual functions of my body. And until then it is not needed anyway and would only disturb. Because while you are young, you need to work much, to pay for all childish debt. Otherwise you will stay owing all your life. And nobody will give you mortgage and consumer loans, and you would not afford ticket to Justice.

I now think sometimes that I do not need that sex at all, I know everything about it already, and even more than I would want. I will better spend all my money on travel to Justice. But father says I think that now, but at twenty years I will have girls interest, and I would dream that my tiny penis rises and feels pleasure. Maybe he is right. Not sure what to say of it yet.

Anyway I know about sexuality and its various kinds from books and courses, and some things experienced myself, which is much useful to me. Now I can see very clearly what I need to draw so that people will like it.

My porno videos are very good. Their success rating is 36.8%. This means when people watch my porno productions and stimulate themselves, they would have orgasm in 36.8% cases. Average rating is 29%. This means I am very prospective artist. I am especially good at violent scenes. And also about peeing and pooping in bounded men mouths. On those topics my rating is actually 58%, and as token of gratitude my company gave me 5% discount for buying all our products. And I do not need any of it yet, ha ha!

All my life I work for UkroNude. This company makes half of South Ukrainian sex goods. I am proud to be working for company so important for our economy. Before they mostly handled real live people. Most often, girls and boys. Some Golden People come to us to have good rest without obstacles or surveillance. They say that in Justice it is forbidden to use children for such work. This means that Justice creates Market for retarded states, so that they can still earn Dollars. Of course this is against laws of Economy, but it is very humane and noble on Justice end. While I have chance I want to say my admiration to Golden People.

All girls in our form want to work for UkroNude, but nobody got accepted yet, because there is very big competition. Boys have more luck. For example, student of our school George Nepejwinou works for UkroNude for two years already. He is trusted with serving very old people from Justice, which come to us for rest. He says: it is hard work, since they are hard to excite and satisfy, and you have to do various kinds of things for that. Sometimes he has wounds or burns on various places, and he would cry from that. But he earns good money and he is valuable member of our society.

And one girl Galia got very lucky! She won contest and left for Justice – to care after Golden Man from Just city of Denver. He was born mentally alternative and communication with him is difficult. Also he weighs 400 pounds and can not move by himself. But his sexual functions are normal, and he reacts on women body, and so he has right to aspire for this kind of happiness. This Golden Man was shown around thousand images of girls from various countries, and he was most excited about our Galia! As shown by devices. Galia thus won this contest. Now she left to care for him. Before leaving she learned all sounds that he can produce, to understand when he wants from first sign. Also she took course on serving alternative people intimate needs, since it is not easy. Now she lives in Justice and will live there for some time yet. Maybe she will get lucky and get Green Card. Her hope is small, since all of world tries to come to Justice, and not just Western Ukrainians. Pity that Justice is so small and can not accept all good people!

Also bit of story about my company. When UkroNude started making porno, nobody trusted that high Justice tech will be mastered by us so quick. But UkroNude signed contract with Justice corporation which supplied their technology to us and trained employees. I want to note that it was made with help of Soros Fund project for helping underdeveloped countries and was partially paid with its Charity. It is awesome example of international cooperation, when people are taught useful work.

I am trying to be best. And already recognized as video maker. There is even article about me in such influential media as Porno Guide. That is because Justice Reporters visited our little country and wrote reports about us. Our company UkroNude got their attention and they wrote about our work for well being of Justice. This was awesome!

In Porno Guide there was mention of me. You can look up in their archive section by article title, if I remembered correctly: “Little Ukrainian Eunuch Represents Mad Dreams”. Little Eunuch – is me indeed! Of course I am not eunuch but Modified with disabled sex drive, but it sounds real nice. That is how I started signing some of my works. That is awesome idea, right?

Here I will do my important announcement. Even while I work for UkroNude, I am ready to discuss any commercial proposals regarding drawing of sexual scenes. Free demo sample of my art you can download from official UkroNude web site in Zaburzko category, and also from Alt Porno World web site from rating section, nickname Little Eunuch. Please look! These are very pretty works. You will be enjoying my craft without doubt and gain satisfaction.

Also. I know that Golden People are very charitable. If it is not hard for you, I am asking for any material help. Currently I need orders very much or any funds, because I have problems which I am ready to describe.

Now finally writing about my problems.

First on my family circumstances.

For long time I had good life. Mostly I studied and worked. I did all good, I even had free time. And I could allow myself full six hours of sleep almost daily.

But trouble happened with my family. Father had bad round with Stocks and we lost all money and insurances. So mother and father had to yield their parental rights to Mitton Servo corporation. This means, course, they are still my beloved parents, but all rights regarding me went to Mitton Servo.

Mother and father still think that they will buy me back someday. So I am still housed in part of their home, meaning my room where I draw on computer. I also have right to use bathroom and toilet, I just pay my share of utilities.

However I faced difficulties. Mitton Servo enacted contract clause where my salary and all of my earnings will go towards repaying childhood debt, and I am credited with fixed allowance amount. This is good since I will repay them faster, but it is not very convenient. I end up with too few money.

I wanted to know if I can sue to return to previous arrangement. But father explained that if litigation will continue during my birthday, Mitton Servo might not send me cake. Sometimes such things happen, unfortunately. Then I would be able to sue them, if I die before judgment. Not me in particular, but my representatives, such as friends or family.

After all I decided not to die and keep it as is.

Of course I do not blame Mitton Servo. They are obliged to act like that in their Market interests. But my life became much worse.

Sure, there are also advantages of new situation. For example, Mitton Servo does not care about my behavior, and gives me evening candies in monthly bundles. Now I do not need to fear that I will have scary dreams and tomorrow I will be depressed and walk in fear. Rather, they do not give me candies for obeying, that is pity, as they were very tasty and I worked better after eating them.

Still, amount given to me by Mitton Servo is very small. After paying all bills for school education and other things I am left with almost nothing.

Another thing about helping. Father once told me that he wanted to sell his eye or kidney to buy me back, and even proposed to Military Hospital. But no hospital gave good money, since he is old already, also we have lot of people wanting to sell spare part of them. Unfortunately, this is not complete truth. In fact father never wrote to anyone, I know since I can control his email account. And there were no proposals to Hospital. I think he wanted to comfort me with that. Anyway it is nice that father loves me and does not hesitate to show.

I also considered selling part of me, but after considering prices, decided they are too low, and harm to growing body is too great. Considering that most expensive parts, such as eyes, I need in full since this is my work. Internal organs of children are in demand, but given my workloads I better keep them to myself.

I still considered option of selling genitals, since I do not need them anyway. But it turns out they are very cheap, since privates of children are not in demand on organs Market. And I dropped this idea.

Instead I started working more and saving on my food. But since due to altered body chemistry I can not eat local food and must buy Justice food, I started falling asleep during classes or work, and then passing out from hunger.

At school they helped me with breakfasts as I have already told. But usually it was insufficient, since I am now at rapid body growth.

Of course I started fighting to solve this problem. Soon I thought about landfill near Justice military base and started investigating it with aim of food. Turned out that packs of wrong children lived about it, those with exposed ruskie blood and lacking human rights. Few times they subject me to physical beating, though less severe than currently at school, but still painful. But I thought out such thing, as exchanging cheap ukrainian food with them in exchange for Just leftovers. They eagerly agreed to Market exchange relations, confirming again that Market is smarter than anyone and fixes all things.

So I was able to solve my problem. When I told about this at school teachers first scolded my relations with waste children of ruskie lineage, but then praised for Market solution. They even allowed me to go through plastic bag which those children brought, and sort its contents. Still I had to occupy furthest desk since it is smelly from that bag. Usually there was some food for me there. Sometimes there were almost whole oranges apples and other fruit to be found. Or partially eaten hamburgers or hot dogs. Very tasty!

Unfortunately it all ended because of television and politicians

We had local tradition, where soldiers from Justice sometimes for fun would shoot from behind fence at ruskie waste children. Note, they did that not very often, so that children would not abandon landfill. Moreover, they used smart weapons, so they killed rarely, otherwise they shot off their fingers or ears for laughs or also blinded their eyes with laser by burning retina. Everyone was understanding about this. It is boring being at base, and soldiers were enlisted not from Justice itself and not even from Poland, but from various countries, some of which were too just entering development process. They had to find entertainment according to their level. And living on landfill were not some normal people, but ruskie children, incapable of functioning in Just society.

Newsmakers from our television heard about this shooting and decided to do interesting report about that. Television came and did shooting, with various cut scenes of severed fingers and eyes. Note, mostly this was drawn on computer and was not fairly filmed! I can say that for sure. I drew such things many times and can spot difference.

But everyone liked this report. Unfortunately, after it went out many different people started coming to landfill, to join in shooting of ruskie children. They were very scared and started hiding from everyone. So I no longer got my leftovers and had to search for them myself. It took time and also I had to wash much after that.

Then various political people started appearing on television. They made up that base soldiers lured dangerous ruskies on purpose, by throwing them food. And that Justice does not sufficiently watch over behavior of soldiers on that base. Demanded some kind of investigation. It was all, of course, very inappropriate for our politicians. But base supervisor decided to stop such talks. He ordered sealing of landfill from all sides with electric fence, so that no children would crawl there anymore. Landfill was at all unavailable to me.

And they performed large raid on ruskie children and hauled them somewhere. I hope that they are all Just euthanased and not burned. I am worried that our country would have troubles because of incorrect measures and that Justice will put some other fine on us due to humanitarian concerns.

However, it turned out that irresponsible reporters made it worse for everyone: me, and soldiers of base, and even wild ruskie children. Even if they wanted nothing like that and acted pro Market. I told about this to father, and he pat my hair and said: it is politics, son. And added that all our troubles are from politics. Because politicians do not know what they want and bother lives of everyone. I asked him why does Justice let countries like ours do politics. Father told me that Justice gives us freedom on purpose, so that we learn how to handle it.

In fact later I understood that it is Market also. Reporters need to create their product too, and sometimes it becomes very hard, because making of interesting news on many topics is restricted due to moral or legal considerations. Later I understood how hard it can be after facing difficulties myself.

And politicians have to invent problems too, to sell their political programs. Still it would be better if they were responsible.

You see, I try to look for social perspective in my personal situation.

Here I want to ask charitable people again. If any of you, dear readers, will send me some Justice food and even any leftovers, I will be very happy! Send me over some Justice food, I beg you!

And now my story about problems with legal reasons and continued fight against circumstances.

It started as one important person went to court against UkroNude. In Justice language such person is called Celebrity, as those are people who can do anything since they are best. But this man, so I think, is not very best. It is known that he is very litigious and everyone is wary of him. This time he claimed that in one of porno videos his face was used, on which girls and dogs pee and poop. This video was drawn by me. Face is indeed bit alike, but I did not mean any existing person. I could not even meet him on street, since I only ever go to school and to that landfill. He lives in very different area and we could never meet face to face.

I told everyone that it is pure chance, and tried to prove in court, but they did not side with us. This means that important person won in court large sum of money from UkroNude as settlement. UkroNude put those money as my debt, since I was to blame and they had to be compensated somehow.

Other than that, this person demanded that video is taken down, which affected my rating.

Of course this is not completely fair, since I am not guilty. But now I also had this new debt.

I considered this situation as new challenge and started looking for ways to increase income. And of course I found them, since I am very Market oriented and try to find practical solution!

In short, to find additional money I came to school judicial court and applied to work as victim for some time.

I study in very good Just school built up to Justice norms. We are self governed and have own legal services. Students try to do everything like in Just society and sue each other for that. Like Mary Klimenko sued school breakfasts in damages from dude who called her ruskie.

With same Just approach all our school problems are solved. Example, there is such child psychology problem that people need to taunt and hit someone. Father told me that it was suppressed before, but Justice psychologists proved that it is necessary for self actualization. And it prepares children for real life where someone is necessary bullied and beaten. You just need to put it on right Market basis.

So we have such system. Rich kids who want to hit and bully others, pay to those who they hit and taunt. And kids without money or having large expenses are recruited to be victim of hitting and bullying. You may bid to specify exactly what may be done to you. If more is allowed it is more valuable. Like with porno videos: when action is hardcore it costs more for consumer.

In such way rich get their useful social experience and resolution for their leader qualities. And poor get compensated materially. Everyone is happy.

This is very progressive idea, and Justice experiments in various countries to spread it. If all goes well then Justice will also apply this method. It is good that we are on edge of progress.

I was not very well suited to work as victim. To be said I was popular in school and nobody tried to hurt me. But I really needed money and I bid for most difficult and hard victim grade. It is called “omega” Such victims can be not just taunted and spit on, but also hit and damaged, just not so bad that it would not affect study. You can also do various clever tricks on them. In total you can handle them as wrong children and almost as ruskies, but commercial victims still may not be maimed or killed.

Soon I got handed red shirt of victim and all got noted that I may be sweared, offended and done bodily harm to. And I started new life.

At first I was not hurt much because of old habits. Just taunted and gave slaps and flicks. But as they paid money to inflict their leadership skills on someone, eventually I started performing. They would spit in my face and food, sneeze on me and wipe dirty hands off of me, legs later. It is good that they went from simple to difficult gradually.

Then there were more drastic things, so I got how hard is working victim.

First time they ambushed me in toilet I carried well, just asked to not get hit on head and hands, since I need those for work. Good that they minded it and now try to hurt me in other places which are less valuable.

Still they caught my hand in door jamb once, and it would hurt for long time.

Was also bad that I could no longer sleep in school. I had habit to sleep in class to avoid wasting time. Now unfortunately when they would see me sleeping they would do something nasty. Vomit on head for example. And I have to wash it. While I wash they would continue bothering me doing various things. I lose precious time and have to stay alert.

I am very uncomfortable when they make me do various things in boy toilet, like in my videos. It is good I have no sexual sensation, or it will be real bad. Sperm tastes passable, but urine nasty and too salty, I am nauseous from it. And my behind hurts from inside after teenage boys.

But I was able to creatively use this experience in my works, so that after this my porno videos rating will increase to 58%! This way I got double profit.

I told about this to school counselor. She praised me as an example of Market behavior to other children in class. After that I was hit heavily and smeared feces on my face, but I was enjoying approval of my Market success.

Only pity that they stopped finding food for me. I am also very sad that Mary Klimenko does not speak to me anymore. They say she considers my earnings undignified. I tried to reason with her that it is delusion, since no work is shameful when in Market demand. But she would spit in my face and leave.

Of course I tolerated spitting this being my work. But I would prefer to have my hand crushed again instead.

After some time I got medical expenses from beating and all other things. Money went to painkillers, for head and even for stomach. I noticed those problems, and found Market solution, turning expenses into profits!

Meaning: I offered my services to Justice pharmaceutical company Meditec LOWE, which issues new medications. They are developing medications for Modified people and they need volunteers for clinical trials. It is good that in Justice not many are willing for such work, and they look for volunteers in rest of world.

In short I have signed contract for testing medications. At first they tried various creams and ointments against injuries and inflammations on me. They turned out good and I got double profit, healing my bruises and injuries and getting paid for it! That I did not tell to school counselor. If she will tell in class about my good and Market fit, they will again do something severe to me. But it was good to think of me as Market oriented anyway.

Then they offered better money for more serious trials. They asked to infect my body with various illnesses, but I lack free time to be ill seriously, because of all time I work, study and also get beaten and done awful things. This all influences much. On other side, I did not want to miss such deals. Since I could earn Dollars from those, which are really needed.

Finally I decided to opt for oncological trials. Modified people almost never have cancer, but some rare kinds of tumors sometimes happen. Meditec LOWE company proposed participation in their new program. They will implant those tumors in my body, and then cure with their new drugs.

This is very handy illness, because you can live and work with cancerous tumor while it is small and metastases are few. And you do not have to grow it big, because in Justice these tumors are diagnosed while they are small.

Chance of curing for these new drugs is 76%, this is very good result.

Of course I have slight risk. Both from medication not working and from damaging chemistry of my Modified body, this risk also exists. However in case of success I am serving Justice and solving many of my own problems with finances. They also promised to feed me during trials with Justice food, and this is important for me.

I decided not to tell parents yet that I signed for trials of oncological drugs. They may have strong worries because of this, since they have invested in me heavily. However if all goes well, I will pay off some of my running debts and will have optimistic outlook for my future.

Yesterday I have already signed agreements. So today Meditec LOWE company representatives will come to me and implant that tumor.

Also there is one last thing. I missed mentioning of my religious affiliation. I am Greek Catholic, which is Just denomination of christianity, moderate and tolerant, accepted in Just world. Of course I also acknowledge all religions which are recognized in Justice.

Now I have last asking to my readers: if you believe in some kind of god, please pray tiny bit for me, because I am still slightly afraid.