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Дерзкие и Красивые (The Bold and The Beautiful - часть сокращаемая до B&B (или ДиК) — американская дневная мыльная опера, созданная Ли Филлипом и Уильямом Дж. Беллами.
Сериал впервые вышел в эфир 23 марта 1987 на канале CBS и снимается до сих пор. 16 февраля 2007 в эфир вышла 5 000 серия.

The show has a number of unique characteristics that set it apart from other American soaps.

  • The show has the largest foreign audience of all the American soaps [Источник?]; It is well known in Italy, where it airs under the title Beautiful, and in the Francophone world, where it airs under the titles Top models and Amour, gloire & beauté. It also has a huge fan base in Australia.
  • It is the only American soap opera to simulcast in a Spanish language track for Hispanic viewers in the United States (under the title Belleza y poder).
  • This is also the only soap of the nine programs currently airing on US television that runs for 30 minutes (the other shows run for an hour). The show reaches around 450 million viewers daily being the number one drama series in the world.

Background and history[править]

The series focuses upon the Forrester family and its Los Angeles, California fashion empire, Forrester Creations. When the show first aired, the glamorous world of the Forresters was emphasized by the other original core family, the working-class Logan family. Eventually, the Logans were written out of the show, except for the oldest daughter, Brooke, who became embroiled in the Forrester family's affairs. Spectra Fashions (later Spectra Couture) was Forrester's main rival, headed by Sally Spectra (played by the late Darlene Conley).

At the helm of Forrester Eric (John McCook), his strong-willed wife Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and his three sons, Ridge (Ronn Moss), Thorne (Winsor Harmon) and Rick (Kyle Lowder). Daughter Kristen (Tracy Melchior) is seen less often, while daughters Bridget (Ashley Jones) and Felicia (Lesli Kay) are currently integral parts of the show but have little to do with Forrester Creations. Daughter Angela was born microcephalic and later died because of her condition. At Spectra, Sally was usually helped by her daughter Macy (Bobbie Eakes), and Sally's receptionist, Darla Einstein (Schae Harrison). Also seen often was fashion designer Clarke Garrison (Daniel McVicar), who fathered C.J. (Mick Cain), Sally's son.

Sally, a larger-than-life character with outrageous clothes and a sizable red coiffure, helmed both comedic and dramatic storylines, with the help of ditzy receptionist Darla. Sally's competitions with Forrester Creations were both formidable (Sally successfully stole many Forrester family members to work for her), and laughable. Sally shared a relationship with Stephanie Forrester. They were very good friends . Sally's daughter Macy, a singer, underwent many traumas, most notably alcoholism. Macy had an on-again-off-again marriage to Thorne Forrester, who was the true love of her life. She eventually lost Thorne to Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang), retriggering her alcoholism. Brooke tried to stop loony Macy from driving in anger and probably drunk, too but ended up as unwilling passenger in her car. Macy speeded the car up, and tried to kill both herself and Brooke. Macy lost control of the car. Brooke was rescued but, Macy was unable to escape and was presumed dead. It later came to light that she was saved by her father, Adam Alexander (Michael Swan), and went into hiding with him abroad because Adam was wanted by the mob. After being discovered in Italy during a Forrester vs. Spectra "fashion showdown", Macy relocated back to Los Angeles where she reunited with Thorne Forrester. After a chain of events, Thorne and Macy divorced. Macy found interest in fellow recovering alcoholic and ex-husband of Bridget Forrester, Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), and married him. Weeks later, Macy was gravely injured at a nightclub where she was headlining as a singer. Macy went into a coma and it was implied that her family pulled the plug off-camera.

In recent years, the Spectra family and friends have been supplanted by the introduction of the Marone family. Massimo Marone (Joseph Mascolo) is a billionaire shipping magnate who was a childhood friend of Stephanie Forrester. Stephanie and Massimo had a one-night-stand in college shortly before Stephanie first slept with Eric. After forty-something years, a medical crisis revealed that Eric could not be Ridge's biological father. Shortly thereafter, Jacqueline Payne (Lesley-Anne Down), a former lover of Massimo, arrived on scene and announced that her adult son, Dominick "Nick" Payne (Jack Wagner), was also fathered by Massimo. Unlike Ridge, Nick changed his surname to Marone. Massimo and Jackie have had an on-again-off-again marriage.

Ridge and Brooke's on-and-off love affair has been a key plot element since the show's beginning.

Another key plot element in the serial is the life of Brooke Logan Forrester. Brooke has been the main heroine of the show during the entire history of the serial. Originally from a middle-class background, her love affair with Ridge Forrester set up much of the storyline beginning in the first season. Every so often, Ridge and Brooke reunite only to break up due to circumstances, and Ridge invariably finds comfort (in most cases, this would lead to marriage) with another love of his life Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo). Ridge's mother, Stephanie, preferred Taylor over Brooke, as she felt Brooke had "loose morals" (although Stephanie's fear of Brooke is due to Stephanie seeing a lot of her former self in Brooke).

Ridge and the Forresters voted Brooke out of Forrester Creations when Brooke gave Deacon's son 2% to help Rick and Amber keep the little boy. The Forresters took advantage and bought out Deacon's 2% which gave them the controlling interest. Ridge then proceeded to take over Spectra Fashions renaming it Logan Designs. Ridge took Brooke to Puerta Vista where they had a jungle book marriage. Unbeknownst to everyone Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) was on the loose and kidnapped Ridge. Nick and Massimo arrived to save Ridge. There was a fight in the foundry where Sheila held Ridge captive. Ridge fell into a hot burning furnace where everyone thought he was dead. Nick and Brooke were in such devastating grief. Brooke went to the foundry and thinking she saw Ridge in the flames proceeded to follow him into the flames. Nick saved her life and in their horrible grief sought comfort with each other. All were overjoyed to learn that Ridge didn't die but Nick and Brooke were in shock. Nick wanted Brooke to keep silent but Brooke chose to tell Ridge the truth. Brooke learned she was pregnant and didn't know who the father was. The first test said it was Nick and then another test was done when Brooke had the baby after Nick learned from his mother that Deacon had performed a paternity test and Ridge was the father. Bridget returned from Copenhagen still harboring strong feelings for Ridge. Nick befriended her and they became involved. Nick believing his feelings for Brooke were over and Brooke was happy with Ridge asked Bridget to marry him. Knowing that Nick was still in love with Brooke proceeded with her relationship with Nick. When Bridget woke up to the fact that Nick and Brooke still had strong feelings for each other decided to inform Nick that the baby she was carrying was aborted. Nick so angry and hurt decided to leave but, Brooke stopped him by admitting she was in love with him. Nick was overjoyed to hear Brooke admit her feelings for him and planned a life together but, Bridget then informed the dual that she lied. Brooke broke it off with Nick informing he had to be with Bridget. Bridget lost the baby and then divorced Nick so he could be with the woman he loved, Brooke.

Brooke is the daughter of Beth Logan (Nancy Burnett), Eric's former college girlfriend with whom he later had an affair while married to Stephanie. The fights between Stephanie and Brooke have played a key role in the drama since its inception. Following one of her break ups with Ridge, Eric married Brooke after first divorcing from Stephanie. Brooke gave birth to two of Eric's children. They divorced and Eric eventually reconciled with Stephanie and the two have since remarried, divorced again, and remarried again in January 2006. Likewise, Brooke and Ridge resumed their pattern of an on-again-off-again relationship in between Brooke's relationships with other men and Forrester family members and Ridge's multiple reunions with Taylor Hayes.

One infamous incident of conflict between Ridge, Taylor and Brooke occurred in 1994. En route to a psychiatrists' conference in Egypt, Taylor's plane crashed in Morocco and she was presumed dead. Taylor was whisked away to Prince Omar's (Kabir Bedi) palace and since she had amnesia, she was led to believe that she was named Laila and was to marry the virgin prince so he could claim his right to the Moroccan throne. At home, Ridge grieved for Taylor but realizing Brooke was about to marry James Warwick (Ian Buchanan), he pursued Brooke and stopped her ceremony to James. Brooke and Ridge (called Bridge by their fans) held a surprise wedding on the beach attended by both of their families. Taylor regained her memory and escaped the compound in Morocco, but she was too late. Ridge was once again conflicted, as he loved Brooke but their marriage was now invalid due to Taylor's presence. Ridge told Taylor he would divorce her and that he preferred Brooke over Taylor.

In 2002, when Taylor supposedly died after having been shot by Sheila Carter, Ridge and Brooke married again but not before Ridge and Brooke's daughter by Eric, Bridget (then played by Jennifer Finnigan), became sexually attracted to each other after it was discovered that Ridge's biological father was not Eric, but Massimo Marone (thus, Ridge and Bridget were not half-siblings after all).

In May 2005, the audience learned Taylor's death had been staged by the prince and she was, in fact, very much alive. The Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle was revived but after divorcing Taylor again, Ridge found himself alone as Brooke had fallen in love with Ridge's half-brother, Nick, who was married to Bridget. Bridget and Nick divorced and Brooke and Nick finally married. Since Taylor was left alone after Ridge left her, she began to rely heavily on alcohol. While driving one night in the fog, Taylor's daughter, Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy), got a flat tire and pulled off to the side of the road to wait for Taylor to pick her up. Meanwhile, Taylor was drinking the final bottle of wine left in her home. After realizing that she had a problem with drinking, she dumped all the alcohol down the drain. While Phoebe was waiting for Taylor to pick her up, a mysterious man appeared and frightened Phoebe. In a panic, Phoebe called her aunt, Darla, who lived nearby, to help her. Darla showed up and started changing Phoebe's tire, claiming that Sally had taught her how to do so. Upon removing the final nut from the tire, Darla fell back and landed up on the hood of Taylor's car. Darla was rushed to the hospital with many broken bones and a critical head injury. She died hours later. For weeks Taylor was pressured to keep the accident a secret due to Hector Ramirez (Lorenzo Lamas) and Phoebe's fears of Taylor facing a hefty prison sentence. Things only spiraled downward for the good doctor as the huge lie resulted in Hector losing his eyesight when his house caught on fire. Stephanie came to the rescue, but only if Taylor admitted she did indeed kill Stephanie's daughter-in-law. Now with Stephanie also knowing the truth, and wanting to keep it a secret, Taylor was forced to live with her guilt once again. When events couldn't get much worse a man by the name of Shane McGrath (Dax Griffin) arrived in town to blackmail Taylor, claiming he saw the accident. After Phoebe accidentally injured Shane's hand with a piece of gardening equipment, she invited him to move into the Forrester home. Thorne and Taylor began to develop an attraction towards each other ultimately leading to Taylor confessing to Thorne that she killed Darla. The Forrester family, along with Storm Logan (William deVry), helped prove Taylor's innocence by stating Darla fell into the way of the car. Thorne and Taylor became officially engaged, but called off plans for the wedding due to Alexandria's (Harley Graham) discovery of Taylor killing Darla. Taylor and Nick have begun to develop feelings for each other.

Even with Brooke and Nick married, Ridge still tried many schemes and tricks to win back the heart of his precious "Logan". A "fresh faced" Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis), Brooke's younger sister, returned to LA and had a brief romance with Ridge. Ridge named her as the new head model of the "Brooke's Bedroom" line and Donna became an instant and controversial hit. Brooke's jealousy grew out of control which eventually put Nick back in the arms of Bridget for a one night stand. Brooke decided to divorce Nick which blew Nick's feud with the Forresters into full blown chaos. As of recently Nick has taken control of Forrester Creations twice (the second time made it official). After firing the Forresters from their own company, he lost any chance of Brooke possibly reuniting with him and she decided to go back to Ridge. The Forresters have started a new company called "Forrester Originals" and a fresh, new fashion war has begun between the Forresters and their old company Forrester Creations now being run by Nick, Jackie, Clarke Garrison, and a few of the Logan siblings (Donna and Storm).

Despite Brooke's popularity, during the years 1998-2004 the show largely focused on the character of Amber Moore Forrester. Amber was a poor girl from Death Valley, who sometimes lied and cheated to get what she wanted (lying about her child with Rick being their own) but nevertheless, emerged to be a heroine. Even though the character was popular, and had a lot of potential to becoming the "new Brooke", the writers wanted to keep her a bad girl, who never managed to hold on to happiness. So she exited the show in 2005, and has reprised her role on The Young And The Restless in late 2006.

In late 2006 actress Betty White began a limited engagement as Stephanie's mother, Ann, whom Stephanie had disowned thirty years prior. The two set aside their differences and Eric arranged for Ann to move to LA. Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell has confirmed that White "will be recurring in 2007".

Theme song and title sequence[править]

The Bold and the Beautiful title card used since the show's debut up until 2004.

The theme song of B&B, "High Upon This Love," was written by Jack Allocco and David Kurtz. A saxophone is played by well known saxophonist Eric Marienthal. From November 1998 to July 1999 in the United States, a vocal version of the theme song performed by Dionne Warwick was played during the end credits.

The title sequence for the first seventeen years featured still photos of the show's current cast members interspersed with photos from fashion shoots. The sequence ends with a spool of pink fabric unrolling while the title "THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL" in black 1920's style Huxley Vertical font zooms out the white area revealed by the roll (with the letters being from in a disarranged to a rearranged order). The theme tune was tweaked slightly through the years, and the cast photos were replaced occasionally.

On July 2 2004, the theme was revamped to go along with a completely revamped title sequence, featuring a "B&B" monogram logo above the show's title and video headshots of the current contract players (accompanied by the character name and since 2005, the actor's name). Recurring actors are rarely added to the opening, with the exceptions of William deVry (Storm Logan), and Daniel McVicar (Clarke Garrison), who is often added back in as a filler. All of the cast members are dressed in either black or gray in these opening shots. Four versions are used, the full open with the cast video headshots, a shortened open with the cast video headshots, and two without the cast video headshots. Three out of the four title sequences open with a mock magazine cover which morphs into a photo shoot. The fourth open was added in December 2005 and is the shortest opener currently on B&B.

Ratings history[править]

When it debuted, The Bold and the Beautiful replaced Capitol in the CBS daytime lineup and also took its eighth place in the ratings. However, B&B aired at 1:30 p.m. ET following The Young and the Restless, while Capitol had aired an hour later at 2:30 pm ET. Initially CBS' lowest-rated soap, its numbers were still respectable (reflecting the strength and consistency of the CBS daytime lineup) and began to climb. By 1993, after a successful crossover involving villain Sheila Carter from Y&R, it had climbed to third. By the mid-to-late 1990s, following yet another crossover (this time involving Sheila's nemesis Lauren Fenmore) it moved up to second and consistently remained there until February of 2007, when it was brought down to number 3 by General Hospital. It remained at number 3 for a few weeks until it took its place back at number 2.

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The show has enjoyed success by focusing on telling stories involving the core Forrester family, in particular sticking to a core group of characters: Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Taylor, Brooke, Thorne, and Macy. However, the show has been criticized at times for not having a well-developed "B" storyline and for, at times, overexposing the core characters. Unlike other US soaps currently on the air, it is not uncommon for B&B to devote entire shows or even a week's worth of shows to a single storyline.

The show has also been criticized for the sometimes breakneck speed in which it changes storylines, in particular with changes in romantic pairings. It is important to note that although the show is sometimes criticized for rapid changes, several leading soap critics, including Carolyn Hinsey, have lauded the show for knowing when a story isn't working, and changing or ending the story as a result (such as the 2005 romantic story involving Bridget and Ridge). It is, however, disconcerting that storylines are sometimes dropped without any kind of resolution.

Recasting is also a controversial, yet ongoing, fixture on the show. In the show's 20 year history, many characters have been played by two or more actors, often leading to a viewer backlash. One such instance was the 2004 recast of Bridget Forrester from Emmy-winner Jennifer Finnigan to relative newcomer Emily Harrison. Viewers did not adjust well to the new Bridget and Harrison was soon downgraded to recurring status. The mistake was rectified later that year when former The Young and the Restless star Ashley Jones stepped into the role. Jones has consistently remained with the show since. B&B has also had many other successful recasts, such as Winsor Harmon's Thorne Forrester and Lesli Kay's Felicia Forrester. The most recent recast, that of Rick Forrester from Emmy-winning Justin Torkildsen to ex-Days of our Lives star Kyle Lowder, has met a mixed reaction from fans.

Finally, the relatively small cast has led to many romantic pairings and love triangles involving family members and in-laws. Some of the most controversial ones have been the romantic attraction shared between Ridge and his former half-sister/stepdaughter Bridget, as well as the recent attraction shared by Rick and his much younger step-niece Phoebe. Though the characters were not biologically related, this had not been established on the show until the 2003 reveal of Massimo as Ridge's biological father. Additionally, many of the show's storylines have featured siblings or a parent/child in love with and/or competing for the affections of the same character. The character of Brooke has been famously married to several members of the same family: Besides once being married to Nick, she has also had a long-running romance with Nick's half-brother Ridge, which has led to several marriages and a child. She was also previously married to Ridge's half-brother Thorne and Thorne's father Eric, with whom she also has two children. Finally, she had an affair with her daughter Bridget's husband Deacon, which resulted in yet another child. Notably, Nick was also recently married to Bridget for a while. A saving point for many viewers with respect to Brooke's romantic pairings has been Katherine Kelly Lang's notable chemistry with most of her male co-stars.

The Bold and the Beautiful and the space-time continuum[править]

One interesting phenomenon that is observable in The Bold and the Beautiful (and indeed many other soaps) is the rapid aging of children relative to their parents (SORAS -- Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome), and the disproportionate youth of the parents relative to their adult children. In most soaps, pregnancy and the birth of children are integral to plotlines. After a while, however, young children are of little dramatic interest and often disappear from viewers' screens until such time as they can be re-integrated into the plot. An example of this is Eric and Brooke's son, Rick Forrester, who was born in the early 1990s but in 2007 was said to be 28 years old. While ages of adults are rarely discussed by the characters, it is clear that the parents do not age at the same rate as children. Additionally, the actors portraying Jackie, and Brooke's father, Stephen Logan, are clearly not old enough to have children the ages of Nick, and Brooke (i.e., mid-40s or older). In real life, John McCook (Eric) is only 7 years older than Ronn Moss (Ridge).


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Current cast members[править]

Actor Role Status
Eileen Davidson Ashley Abbott 2007-
William deVry Storm Logan (#3) 2006-2007, 2007 (Recurring Otherwise)
Lesley-Anne Down Jacqueline Payne Marone 2003-
Susan Flannery Stephanie Forrester 1987-
Jennifer Gareis Donna Logan (#2) 2006-
Winsor Harmon Thorne Forrester (#3) 1996-
Ashley Jones Dr. Bridget Forrester (#4) 2004-
Lesli Kay Felicia Forrester (#2) 2005-
Katherine Kelly Lang Brooke Logan 1987-
Kyle Lowder Rick Forrester (#3) 2007-
Constantine Maroulis Constantine Parros 2007-
MacKenzie Mauzy Phoebe Forrester (#2) 2006-
John McCook Eric Forrester 1987-
Ronn Moss Ridge Forrester 1987-
Hunter Tylo Dr. Taylor Hayes Marone 1990-2002, 2005-
Jack Wagner Dominick Marone 2003-

Recurring cast members[править]

Actor Role
Nancy Bell Dr. Caron
Shannon Bradley Catherine
Dean Cochran Det. Troy Scott
Andrew Collins Jarrett Maxwell
Harley Graham Alexandria Forrester
Dan Martin Lt. Bradley Baker
Amanda and Rachel Pace Hope Logan
Ridge Perkett R.J Forrester
Eric and Jacob Steinberger Dino Damiano
Sean Whalen Carl Ferret

Deceased cast members[править]

Actor Role Date of death
Michael Fox Saul Feinberg June 1 1996
Lesley Woods Helen Logan August 2 2003
Tim Choate Tommy Bayland September 24 2004
James Doohan Damon Warwick July 20 2005
Darlene Conley Sally Spectra January 14 2007

Before they were stars[править]

Actor Role Dates
Agnes Bruckner Bridget Forrester (#1) 1997-1999
Jennifer Finnigan Bridget Forrester (#2) 2000-2004
Lindsay Price Michael Lai 1995-1997
Maitland Ward Jessica Forrester 1994-1996

Notable celebrities who have appeared[править]

Writing and producing team[править]

The Bold and the Beautiful executive producers

The Bold and the Beautiful head writers

The Bold and the Beautiful writing team

Outside the United States[править]

  • In Australia, B&B airs at 4.30pm weekdays on Network Ten and is the most popular daytime soap. Episodes are 3 months behind those being shown in the US.
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  • In Austria, B&B airs in double episodes and German synchronization from 1.40pm to 2.25pm weekdays on ORF2.
  • In Bulgaria, B&B airs in double episodes from 10.15 am to 11.00 am weekdays on Channel 1.
  • In Canada, B&B airs from 1:30pm to 2:00pm ET weekdays on CTV, simultaneously with CBS. It also airs in double episodes from 4.00pm to 5.00pm ET on weekdays in French on TVA, with the title Top modèles. The French episodes are 5 years behind the US.
  • In Denmark, B&B airs from 5.30 pm to 6pm weekdays on Kanal 4.
  • In Germany, B&B airs in double episodes and German synchronization from 11.15am to 12pm weekdays on ZDF.
  • In Greece, B&B airs from 2.30pm to 3.00pm weekdays on ERT3.
  • In Poland, B&B airs in double episodes from 4pm to 5pm weekdays on TVP1.
  • In Italy, B&B airs from 1.40pm to 2.10pm weekdays on Canale 5. Episodes are 6 months behind the US.
  • In Latvia, B&B airs from 6.30pm to 7.00pm weekdays on LTV1
  • In Serbia, B&B airs in double episodes from 6pm to 7pm weekdays on FOX.
  • In Finland, B&B airs an episode from 4.50pm to 5.20pm weekdays on MTV3.
  • In Thailand, B&B airs an episode from 2pm to 2.30pm weekdays on Star World.
  • In Trinidad and Tobago, B&B airs an episode from 6.30pm to 6.59pm weekdays on CCN TV6.
  • In South Africa, B&B airs an episode from 6pm to 6.30pm weekdays on SABC1.
  • In Botswana, B&B airs an episode from 10.20pm to 10.50pm weekdays on BTV.
  • In Malaysia, B&B airs an episode from 3.00 pm to 3.30 pm weekdays on Star World.
  • In New Zealand,B&B airs an episode from 4.30pm to 5pm weekdays on Prime Television. It has previously aired on TV ONE and TV2.
  • In the Netherlands, B&B airs an episode from 6.00pm to 6.25pm weekdays on SBS6.
  • In Belgium, B&B airs on weekdays at 6.00pm on VijfTV
  • In Israel, B&B airs at 4.00pm Sunday to Tuesday and at 3.30 pm Wednesday to Friday. Episodes are 4 months behind the US.

The Bold and the Beautiful in other languages[править]

  • Flag of Greece.svg Greek Τόλμη και Γοητεία
  • Flag of the United Kingdom.svg English The Bold and the Beautiful (In the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand)
  • Flag of France.svg French Top Models / Amour, gloire et beauté
  • Flag of Israel.svg Hebrew היפים והאמיצים
  • Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch The Bold and the Beautiful (Netherlands), Mooi en Meedogenloos (Belgium)
  • Flag of Russia (bordered).svg Russian Дерзкие и красивые
  • Flag of Serbia.svg Serbian Одважни и лепи


  • The role of Stephanie Forrester was originally created for actress Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie, Days). After Hayes turned it down, the producers contacted Hayes' former Days co-star Susan Flannery, who eventually won the role. Hayes did, however, appear in 2003 as Joanna Manning in one episode.
  • The working draft of the show was entitled Rags and was to take place in Chicago.
  • Susan Flannery and John McCook are both less than fifteen years older than their on-screen son, Ronn Moss.
  • In an episode of Seinfeld, Kramer forgets to close Jerry's front door causing all of his belongings to be stolen because he got caught up watching The Bold and the Beautiful.
  • In an episode of the Disney Channel original series Even Stevens, Ren could be seen watching an episode of spoof soap The Old and the Beautiful.
  • Australian rock band The Drugs recorded a song called "The Bold and the Beautiful", a tribute of sorts to the series.
  • Jennifer Finnigan (ex-Bridget) now stars on the television series Close To Home, also on CBS.
  • Antonio Sabàto, Jr.'s (ex-Dante) real-life father, Antonio Sabàto Sr., appeared as the character of Aldo Damiano, Dante's father, in 2006.
  • The cast and crew of the Bold and the Beautiful have been supportive of environmental causes, helping Global Green USA by arriving at the 2005 Emmys in a hybrid electric bus.[1] The show also had Laurie David, producer of the documentary An Inconvenient Truth, guest starring to discuss environmental issues [2]
  • On the March 14, 2007 episode, Y&R crossover character Ashley told Donna (Jennifer Gareis) that she looked familiar, and asked her if she had ever been to Genoa City. This would be an inside joke to Gareis' former role on Y&R as Grace Turner.
  • Ronn Moss was married to Shari Shattuck, who was the third actress to play Ashley Abbott (on Y&R), before Eileen Davidson returned to the role.


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