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До н. э.[править]

Год Название Информация
  c.1283 BCE   Рамзесо-хаттусский договор Treaty between the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II and the Hittite monarch Hattusili III after the Battle of Kadesh[1][2][3].
449 до н. э. Каллиев мир Закончил греко-персидские войны.
421 до н. э. Никиев мир закочил первый этап Пелопоннесской войны между Афинами и Спартой.
387 до н. э. Анталкидов мир Sets the boundaries of Greek and Persian territory.
345 до н. э. Филократов мир между Грецией и Македонией.
387 до н. э. Анталкидов мир Sets the boundaries of Greek and Persian territory.
272231 до н. э. Эдикты Ашоки Establishes a record on the expansion of Buddhism.
205 до н. э. Феников мир Закончил первую Македонскую войну.
196 до н. э. Темпейский мир Закончил вторую Македонскую войну.
188 до н. э. Апамейский мир Between the Roman Republic and Antiochus III (the Great), ruler of the Seleucid Empire.
85 до н. э. Дарданский мир Ends the First Mithridatic War.

I - XIII вв.[править]

Год Название Информация
301 Edict on Maximum Prices [4] Diocletian attempts to reform the Roman tax system and stabilize the imperial coinage system.
313 Edict of Milan The Roman Empire ends its government-sanctioned persecution of Christians.
587 Treaty of Andelot[5] Between Frankish rulers Guntram and Brunhilda; Guntram adopts Brunhilda's son Childebert II.
614615 Edict of Paris Attempts to establish order by standardizing the appointment process for public officials across the realm of the Franks.
628 Treaty of Hudaybiyyah Between Muslims and the Quraish.
651 The Bakt Between Nubia and Egypt.
803 Pax Nicephori Peace between Charlemagne and the Byzantine Empire; recognizes Venice as Byzantine territory.
811 Treaty of Heiligen Sets the southern boundary of Denmark at the Eider River.
836 Pactum Sicardi Peace between the Duchy of Naples and the Principality of Salerno under Sicard.
843 Treaty of Verdun Partitions the Carolingian Empire.
864 Edict of Pistres Charles the Bald attempts to thwart Viking raids on French territories.
870 Treaty of Mersen Further partitions the Carolingian Empire.
878890 Treaty of Alfred and Guthrum Between Alfred of Wessex and Guthrum, the Viking ruler of East Anglia.
911 Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte Charles the Simple grants Normandy to Rollo.
921 Treaty of Bonn West Francia and East Francia both recognize each other.
1004 Shanyuan Treaty Establishes relations between the Northern Song and Liao Dynasties.
1018 Peace of Bautzen Between Holy Roman Emperor Henry II and Duke Bolesław I the Brave of Poland.
1059 Treaty of Melfi Pope Nicholas II recognizes Norman influence in southern Italy.
1080 Treaty of Ceprano Pope Gregory VII establishes an alliance with Robert Guiscard and recognizes his conquests.
1091 Treaty of Caen Ends rivalry between William II of England and Duke Robert Curthose of Normandy.
1101 Treaty of Alton Robert Curthose recognizes Henry I as King of England.
1108 Treaty of Devol The Principality of Antioch becomes a nominal vassal of the Byzantine Empire.
1123 Pactum Warmundi The crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem allies with Venice.
1139 Treaty of Mignano Roger II of Sicily recognised as king by the legitimate Pope Innocent II.
1141 Treaty of Shaoxing Ends conflicts between the Jin Dynasty and Southern Song Dynasty.
1143 Treaty of Zamora Recognizes Portuguese independence from the Kingdom of Leon and Castile.
1153 Treaty of Wallingford [6] Officially ends The Anarchy between Empress Matilda and her cousin Stephen of England.
1156 Treaty of Benevento Peace between the Papacy and the Kingdom of Sicily.
1165 Auld Alliance Scotland, France and Norway forge the first treaty for mutual self-defence.
1175 Treaty of Windsor Between King Henry II of England and the last High King of Ireland, Rory O'Connor during Norman expansion in Ireland.
1177 Treaty of Venice [7] Peace between the Papacy, the Lombard League, the Kingdom of Sicily, and the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick Barbarossa.
1192 Treaty of Ramla Ends the Third Crusade.
1209 Treaty of Speyer Otto IV renounces the Concordat of Worms.
1217 Treaty of Lambeth Between Prince Louis of France and Henry III.
1229 Treaty of Paris Officially ends the Albigensian Crusade.
1230 Treaty of San Germano Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II restores Sicily to Pope Gregory IX.
Treaty of Ceprano Establishes lines of reconciliation between Pope Gregory IX and Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II.
1237 Treaty of York Establishes a border between England and Scotland.
1245 Al-Azraq Treaty Between the King Jaime I of Aragon and the Muslim commander Mohammad Abu Abdallah Ben Hudzail al Sahuir.
1258 Treaty of Corbeil Establishes a border between France and the Crown of Aragon.
1259 Treaty of Paris [8] Between Louis IX of France and Henry III of England.
1266 Dictum of Kenilworth Ends hostilities between the supporters of Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester and Henry III of England; comes into effect in 1267.
Treaty of Perth Terms of sovereignty over the Western Isles agreed between Norway and Scotland.
1267 Treaty of Montgomery Henry III of England acknowledges Llywelyn ap Gruffydd's title as the 'Prince of Wales'.
Treaty of Viterbo Grants Charles I of Anjou claims to the defunct Latin Empire.
1271 Peace of Pressburg [9] Ends war between Bohemia and Hungary.
1277 Treaty of Aberconwy Between King Edward I of England and Llewelyn the Last of Wales.
1283 Treaty of Rheinfelden Duke Rudolph II of Austria surrenders power to his older brother Albert I of Germany.
1289-1290 Treaty of Birgham Attempts to end competing claims between the House of Balliol and the House of Bruce for the Scottish throne; never comes into effect.
1291 Treaty of Tarascon Ends the Aragonese Crusade.
1295 Treaty of Anagni Reaffirms the Treaty of Tarascon, but fails to diplomatically settle the Sicilian question.

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  4. Also known as the Edict on Prices or the Edict of Diocletian; in Latin, Edictum De Pretiis Rerum Venalium.
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