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This template can be used among the BS(#) table row templates to produce a color strip(s) of choice which resembles the Шаблон:BS-alt (STR) icon. However this template allows the editor to define the height and color of the strip without worrying if the required icon file exists or not. The purpose of this template is for substituting the «filler BS row» which consists of STR icon(s) only, while the default height of 20px of the BSicon is considered to be too much (hence the default height of 5px for this template.)


Parameter Description
G Number of grid. You MUST define this parameter just like how you choose the «#» of BS# row template, otherwise only 1 single column for the strip will be available.
H Height of row. 5px by default, note that the height entry could be overridden by the text entry in the same row, thus lengthens the height of the strip.
C1 — C14 Stripe color of grid 1 to grid 14. «Transparent» by default
T1 Text case 1, same as Dist./Time case of BS(#) row templates
T2 Text case 2, same as Main Text case of BS(#) row templates
T3 Text case 3, same as Note 1 case of BS(#) row templates
T4 Text case 4, same as Note 2 case of BS(#) row templates
bg Background color of the entire icon column. «Transparent» by default


0 km row 1 placeholder 0 min

row 3 placeholder

10 km row 4 testing 5 min
row 5
{|{{railway line header2}}
{{BS4|KBHFa|KBHFa|uKBHFa|KBFa green|0 km|row 1|placeholder|0 min}}
{{BS!|G=4|C1=yellow|C2=#ccccff|C3=orange|C4=#be2d2c}} <!-- de facto row 2-->
{{BS4|BHF|BHF|uBHF|BHF green||row 3||placeholder}}
{{BS!|G=2|C1=#be2d2c|C2=pink|T1=10 km|T2=row 4|T3=testing|T4=5 min|H=40px|bg=#ccccff}}
{{BS2|KBHFe|uKBHFe||row 5}}