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The Template:Weather box/concise_F (Fahrenheit) uses {{IWeather box}} to generate a climate table, by passing 36 positional parameters. Other parameters are:  location=, source= and optional "accessdate=" or sctemp=t. The 36 parameters are: 12 monthly highs (F), 12 lows (total 24) plus an optional 12 monthly rain/precipitation (in inches).


{{Weather box/concise_F
| location=Marrakech, Morocco (1961-1990)
| source=Hong Kong Observatory<ref name="HKO">
  "Climatological Information for Marrakech, Morocco",
  Hong Kong Observatory, 2003. Web: [http://www.hko.gov.hk/wxinfo/climat/world/eng/africa/mor_al/marrakech_e.htm HKO-Marrakech].</ref>
| 64| 67| 72| 74| 80| 87| 97| 97| 90| 80| 72| 66 <!--highs-->
| 43| 47| 50| 53| 57| 62| 69| 69| 66| 59| 52| 45 <!--lows-->
|1.1|1.2|1.4|1.3|0.7|0.3|0.1|0.1|0.3|0.8|1.5|1.1 <!--rain-->
                     (Spaces are optional)

The example will generate a climate-table for "Marrakech, Morocco" listing the Fahrenheit temperatures first (then Celsius below each), followed by precipitation in inches (and in millimeters). Example result:

Climate data for Marrakech, Morocco (1961-1990)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr Apr Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Source: Hong Kong Observatory[1]

Colors are set by Template:Weather box/colpastel, to set the temperature background colors when parameter "sctemp=pastel". The colder temperatures appear as purple-shades, the cool appear as gray/beige, the warm are yellow-shades, and the hot are orange-browns.

Again, the 12 rain/precipitation parameters can be omitted.

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  1. "Climatological Information for Marrakech, Morocco", Hong Kong Observatory, 2003. Web: HKO-Marrakech.